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We all know what a struggle it can be to feel content with your skin, particularly when an angry pimple, or, ugh, a full on breakout - pops up. Adult acne, and other skin issues, can be a big bummer that leads us to ask, aren’t we supposed to be done with pimples post-puberty? It's frustrating and confusing. It takes more than just face creams to get our skin glowing and healthy. Luckily, there are a few things which we could do, to clear up our skin naturally. Pile these goodies on your plate, for a picture perfect skin!   Whole Grain Foods:                   Whole grain foods have low glycemic index. Foods with low glycemic index help keep the insulin steady, and prevent spiking of blood sugar levels. This results in clearer skin and reduced acne.   Fatty Fish like Salmon:                      Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids,

While being conscious about health and wellness, we usually tend to forget what we consider the ‘minor details’. In reality, these minor details are what can make or break our health. We watch what we eat, but usually forget, or in particular, pay no heed to what we drink. If we aren’t careful of what we drink, we can get loads and loads of calories in the form of the beverages we consume with our meals or as snacks. The major calories come in the form of sugar-sweetened beverages. Sugar Sweetened beverages are the types of drinks which have some form of sugar added in them. Sugar may be present in some of them, naturally, for example fruit juices. Some beverages, on the other hand, have added sugar in them, in the form of corn syrup, sucrose or sweeteners. Drinks like

Portion size is the amount of food we choose to eat at one time. A portion is something that is in our control. Does portion size matter? What is its significance? How does it affect our health? These are some of the most common questions asked regarding portion size. A sound knowledge of portion size is essential for a healthy and balanced diet. To understand the concept of portion size and its importance, lets dig in! Many people confuse portion size with serving size, while in reality, these are two different terms. A recommended serving size is the amount of each food that we are supposed to eat during a meal or a snack, while the portion size is the amount of food that we actually eat. If we eat more, or less of the recommended serving size, we may get

Ever heard of magical orbs filled with oozing goodness, loaded with nutrients? Well, try to think again? Let me give you a hint. You’ve eaten them as well. Yes! These rich, wholesome breakfast proteins are nothing but eggs! Eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years. But no one specifically knows what their benefits are. Let's talk about this ‘egg-cellent’ choice of consumption. Eggs are loaded with nutritious components, making it literally a whole meal. They are one of the most commonly consumed animal products in the world. Eggs have tremendous benefits, some of which are listed below:   Healthier Muscles:                     Eggs are loaded with proteins. These proteins help in making the muscles of our body, healthier and stronger, thereby increasing our endurance levels. They also slow down the rate of muscle loss.     Energy Boosters:                               Eggs contain all the essential nutrients

What’s the big deal about breakfast? This is a question commonly asked by children and youngsters alike. You wouldn’t want to drive to a certain  place without fuel in your car, so why would you want you body to function without its fuel? People don’t realize the importance of breakfast, so let me sum it up for you in a sentence. ‘It is the most important meal of the day!’ Breakfast literally means ‘Breaking the Fast’. An average amount of time a person sleeps at night is 7-8 hours. During this time period, our body is deprived of its energy and nutrients. Breakfast replenishes the energy levels that our body loses, so that we can start the day fully charged. It gives or body the necessary kick to start functioning properly and effectively.  The first meal of the day increases the metabolism

The fast paced modern world, and the demand for instant results is seeping into every corner of our lives, be it education, technology, learning, or health. This is not only making us less patient day by day, but also less healthier. In health and nutrition, these fast paced results have taken the form of FAD Diets.  “Oh, let’s do this cabbage soup challenge! I so wanna look good on this party!” “Let's follow this new diet together. I’ve heard we’ll lose weight in just a week!” I’m sure we’ve all heard these conversations, or have been a part of them. Have we actually ever thought what happens to our bodies? Is this weight loss somehow deteriorating our body? Well, this is what we’re gonna talk about.  FAD diets are diets that promise rapid weight loss. However they don’t really cater the nutritional losses of

Picture healthy, happy, fat cows munching and grazing away on thick, green grass on a quaint farm under the bright sun. Imagine farmers in cute denim overalls squeezing the cow’s udders and churning creamy milk for their customers to guzzle on. Then take this image and throw it in the bin along with any hopes of Santa Claus being real. This is because ALL the packaged milk available at your local store has been extracted from cows that have probably spent as much time eating grass as you have.   As shocking as this fact may be, it has been corroborated by research conducted by Newcastle University in the UK, where it was shown that normal store-bought milk is loaded with artificial chemicals, preservatives (in order to enhance shelf life), colors and dyes (in order to give it that perfect white color),

If you’re like us and simply can’t resist that yellow ladoo, peaking out from amongst the gulaab jamans and barfis, but keep fretting about the extra calories and cholesterol – then fret no more! Take that extra bite (or two, we won’t tell) because it is a scientifically proven fact that desi ghee and mustard oil are far better for consumption than other traditional oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil etc.   As much as we love our coconut oil, it is crucial to understand the importance of making the switch to traditional ghee (and by traditional, we aren’t referring to the one commercially available in markets) and mustard oil. Most of the ghee and mustard oil being sold in markets these days is heated milk fat and hydrogenated vegetable oil. What this means, for you and I, is that it’s

Let’s cut the small talk and get straight to main point (yes, it’s that important): table salt is a freak of nature, and is basically comprised of bleached particles that are stripped of their minerals. Grossed out? It gets worse. Most of the table salt that sits seemingly innocent on your dining table is tainted with pollutants. The same is the case with sea salts, which contain a lot of environmental toxins due to the increasing pollutants and waste being dumped into our oceans.   Himalayan salt has not been adulterated or tainted by toxins or pollutants, nor is it bleached or stripped from its minerals. This is why it contains almost 84 trace minerals because the process of mining it protects it from modern environmental pollutants. When the salt is mixed with water, it releases a unique ionic energy that is

Summers in Pakistan are not just the season for high electricity bills, lazy halwa-puri laden breakfasts and long nights spend catching up on the latest dramas. They are also a season that marks the herald of an endless parade of colorful and delicious summer fruits. These bright, sweet bundles are jam-packed with more vitamins and minerals than you can count on your fingertips! So, before you get bored reading this, thinking of it as just another article echoing the lectures your mama gave you about eating fruits and ditching that ladoo, think again. Instead of droning on and on (yes, we get bored too) about an endless list of chemicals and nutrients that these fruits contain, and how they will jazz up your bodily functions in no time, we have decided to pen an article that breaks down the benefits

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