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The one word that seems to be synonymous with organic foods is ‘expensive’. Most people skip through the fresh fruits and vegetables, or GMO-free line at the grocery store, and opt instead for ready-to-cook lasagnas, frozen nuggets, just-add-water mashed potato mixtures, cereals etc. Whilst packaged in deceivingly tempting cartons and luring colors, these processed goods are another way of poisoning your body and incapacitating its ability to fight disease and stay fit. This is why it is not only important, but increasingly necessary, to make the switch towards incorporating as much organic food into your diet as is possible. For this reason, we have come up with a helpful list of ideas that will assist you in staying health within your budget. You no longer have to spend a chunk of your income into eating foods that do not take

Trends come and trends go, but organic food is here to stay – it’s as simple as that. People from all four corners of the globe are jumping onto the healthy food bandwagon, and it’s about time you did too!   Why, you ask?   Because you deserve it, that’s why! Keep reading to find out more.   What is organic food?   Sure you’ve seen the word floating around on the TV and on many labels, but do you actually know what makes a food ‘organic’? It basically refers to the way in which food is grown by the farmer, whereby conventional methods of farming that involve chemical fertilizers, pesticides and additives are used. Instead, practices such as crop rotation, natural fertilizers or compost is used to feed plants and soils and control weeds. The aim is to reduce pollution in the environment and encourage water and

We have discussed quite a few tips so far in an effort to encourage you to opt for the organic lifestyle. While Organic Jiyo team has made a combined effort to elaborate on the importance and effectiveness of this endeavour for the user, we would like to discuss the importance of individual contribution.   To start with, we believe it should give you a great deal of comfort in the fact that simply opting this lifestyle is a contribution! This is how;   The environmental impact of agriculture is largely dependent on the agricultural methods practiced by the farmers. Over the years, farming practices have changed based on the large demand as well as other economic factors. The ultimate goal in farming has been a large yield and what we call today, intensive farming. This commercial practice is based on a large input per