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Mind the Portion!

Portion size is the amount of food we choose to eat at one time. A portion is something that is in our control. Does portion size matter? What is its significance? How does it affect our health? These are some of the most common questions asked regarding portion size. A sound knowledge of portion size is essential for a healthy and balanced diet. To understand the concept of portion size and its importance, lets dig in!

Many people confuse portion size with serving size, while in reality, these are two different terms. A recommended serving size is the amount of each food that we are supposed to eat during a meal or a snack, while the portion size is the amount of food that we actually eat. If we eat more, or less of the recommended serving size, we may get either too much, or too little of the nutrients that we need.

Quite often, we consume foods believing that they are a single portion, while in reality, they contain multiple portions. This can lead to significant weight gain and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders.

Controlling portion sizes at home could be extremely challenging, however, by following a few tips, many changes could be made in the overall eating habits in the house.

  • Try not to eat mindlessly. When we eat in front of the television or while doing activities, our mind can be distracted and we may eat too much. We should try to eat at the table and try to focus our attention on the food we’re eating.
  • Try to serve food on smaller plates. Instead of a dinner plate, opt for a salad plate. Putting food out of sight and away from the dinner table will make it difficult for us to overeat, so try to put food away like in the kitchen.
  • Try not to eat from the bag or packet. We might get tempted to eat too much resulting in binge eating. Try to eat in small bowls according to serving size. If you want to eat from the bag, try buying single serving portions.
  • Try to include green vegetables in your plate. Half of the plate should be of green vegetables, while the other half should be divided between lean protein and whole grains.
  • Instead of opting for full cream dairy products, aim for low fat or skimmed options. This will naturally substitute the fat rich options with low fat options.


Follow these few tips daily, and your health will surely remain in check!

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