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Want to cleanse your mind, body and spirit from impurities? Tired of those troublesome toxins? Peruse through our list of easy-peasy lemon squeezy recipes that you can smoothly incorporate into your life. These days, nobody has the time to spend a chunk of their time wondering what to eat, how to cook, where to buy and how much to spend. Instead, take baby steps and follow our ten commandments to seamlessly infuse health and vitality into your routine.   Cut back on the meat – These days, meat such as chicken is chockfull of growth hormones and other impurities that can negatively impact your own hormones, leading to problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome in women. Try adopting a no-meat day once or twice a week, and gorge on delicious vegetarian options instead!   Purchase Organic Goods – Many cringe

Looking into organic produce and mindful eating habits for a healthy lifestyle means you need all the information you can get on the nutrient value of the foods you eat. As Organic Jiyo aims to accompany you on this journey, I will share some useful material in a way that would be most beneficial for you. Let’s first look at THE vitamin; Vitamin C. Known to be a nutrition and health powerhouse, vitamin C is responsible for boosting the immune system, preventing unpleasant symptoms like weakness, fatigue, joint and muscle aches, bleeding gums as well as anemia. Looking and feeling fresh are all expected results of a healthy lifestyle achieved from conscious eating habits. Vitamin C is largely responsible for this result. Vitamin C can be obtained from both fruits and vegetables. It is best to locate where the two food groups

  The summer is in full swing and most of you could have used some tips earlier on, I believe it is never too late to take up some healthy habits. In my search for easy and doable health practices, I came across this excellent formula for keeping the body hydrated up to its optimum level. At an average, the human body is 60% water. So it is no doubt a decrease in this percentage makes the body prone to different health risks. These include lethargy, clumsiness, dizziness, confusion as well as an increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and more serious issues like blackouts and heat stroke. Metabolism is very closely related to water intake and those looking to maintain or lose weight should be very mindful of keeping the body hydrated. Dehydration drastically causes a drop in the metabolic rate.