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Healthy Oils

If you’re like us and simply can’t resist that yellow ladoo, peaking out from amongst the gulaab jamans and barfis, but keep fretting about the extra calories and cholesterol – then fret no more! Take that extra bite (or two, we won’t tell) because it is a scientifically proven fact that desi ghee and mustard oil are far better for consumption than other traditional oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil etc.


As much as we love our coconut oil, it is crucial to understand the importance of making the switch to traditional ghee (and by traditional, we aren’t referring to the one commercially available in markets) and mustard oil. Most of the ghee and mustard oil being sold in markets these days is heated milk fat and hydrogenated vegetable oil. What this means, for you and I, is that it’s loaded with poly-saturated or saturated fats which wreak havoc in our bodies. Instead of getting digested easily like unsaturated fats, these saturated fats are tiny little devils that increase our cholesterol levels and cause obesity. This, in turn, leads to a multitude of illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, risk of heart attack of angina and the list goes on, but you get the picture, right?


Do you still need more reasons to make the switch? We feel that you do. So, here’s a list of why YOU and your family need to ditch conventional oils, and replace them with 100% organic, natural and ‘pure’ desi ghee or mustard oil PRONTO!


  1. Ghee does not contain any lactose and is purely butter, which is why it far more healthier for those who are lactose intolerant.


  1. Ghee consists of saturated fat, which has clinically been proven to not cause heart disease. This means your grandmother was right after all when she ran after you with those ghee-laden parathas because it was the secret behind her strong health and vitality, despite her age!


  1. Ghee enhances bioavailable Vitamin A, which plays a crucial part in hormone balance, liver health, fertility, and stamina.


  1. Mustard oil is brilliant for locking in the moisture in our bodies, without blocking our pores. This is great news for those suffering from dryness or eczema, but are afraid of pimples or blackheads.


  1. Mustard oil is rich in Vitamin E and this helps prevent sunburn and damage from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, using mustard oil helps prevent contracting skin cancer, wrinkles, excessive dryness, tan and other issues associated with direct sun exposure. Moreover, Vitamin E contains antioxidants which are known to help prevent cancer and the buildup of toxins in our bodies.


  1. Mustard oil is great for promoting hair growth and darkening white or gray hair. Use it every four days by massaging it into your scalp to stimulate growth, and wrap it in a hot towel for added penetration.


  1. Do you still need more reasons? Well, they do say seven is a lucky number! For all the ladies out there, you should consider consuming ghee instead of other oils if you wish to control the symptoms of Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and keep your progesterone levels in balance!

Now that we’ve managed to drive home the goodness of desi ghee and pure mustard oil, it’s time to educate you folks on how much of it to consume. Remember, anything (and everything) taken in excess is BAD for our health…except love of course, can never have enough of that!


Health experts recommend consuming three teaspoons of ghee (or 15 grams, for the mathematicians out there) everyday to remain fit, and two teaspoons of mustard oil everyday (or 11 grams). The reason mustard oil’s dosage is low pertains to our diets these days, which are already loaded with too much saturated fat. Our tip is to use desi ghee for sautéing or stir-frying and mustard oil for shallow or deep frying.


Last tip – ALWAYS use organic desi ghee and pure mustard oil, because buying the commercial brands available in markets just defeats the purpose!


P.S. Dab some desi ghee on your body as a moisturizer for baby-soft skin (just resist the urge to eat off the deliciously fragrant moisturizer though!)

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