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Fad Diets

The fast paced modern world, and the demand for instant results is seeping into every corner of our lives, be it education, technology, learning, or health. This is not only making us less patient day by day, but also less healthier.

In health and nutrition, these fast paced results have taken the form of FAD Diets. 

“Oh, let’s do this cabbage soup challenge! I so wanna look good on this party!” “Let’s follow this new diet together. I’ve heard we’ll lose weight in just a week!”

I’m sure we’ve all heard these conversations, or have been a part of them. Have we actually ever thought what happens to our bodies? Is this weight loss somehow deteriorating our body? Well, this is what we’re gonna talk about. 

FAD diets are diets that promise rapid weight loss. However they don’t really cater the nutritional losses of our bodies. Research suggests that 98% of people who lose weight by following FAD diets, gain it back after some period. FAD Diets fall into five general groups:

  • Food specific Diets
  • Low Carb Diets
  • High Fiber, Low Calorie Diets
  • Liquid Diets
  • Fasting

FAD diets do not actually address the problem that a person is facing. Fad diets just eliminate certain foods, which may cause nutritional deficiencies in people.

Many people develop a cycle or a pattern called ‘Yo Yo’. This refers to losing weight, gaining it after some time, and then losing it again. This pattern is typically unhealthy as it deprives the body of its optimum functioning.

Dieting is not only about losing weight. It is about making lifestyle changes, that will allow you to eat healthy, thereby maintaining a healthy weight.

Instead of following these diets, you should adopt positive eating and prefer organic and wholesome choices. Organic and Wholesome foods provide greater satiety value and leave a feeling of ‘fullness’ so you don’t actually feel hungry. On the other hand, snacks or junk food are usually loaded with calories and no nutrients, so they have a very low satiety value hence they should be avoided. Nutrient dense foods are of prime importance. Try to include all the food groups into your daily diet. Oh and an occasional treat is also fine. Happy Eating!


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