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Breakfast for Champs!

What’s the big deal about breakfast? This is a question commonly asked by children and youngsters alike. You wouldn’t want to drive to a certain  place without fuel in your car, so why would you want you body to function without its fuel? People don’t realize the importance of breakfast, so let me sum it up for you in a sentence. ‘It is the most important meal of the day!’

Breakfast literally means ‘Breaking the Fast’. An average amount of time a person sleeps at night is 7-8 hours. During this time period, our body is deprived of its energy and nutrients. Breakfast replenishes the energy levels that our body loses, so that we can start the day fully charged. It gives or body the necessary kick to start functioning properly and effectively. 

The first meal of the day increases the metabolism and without it, the body does not process the future meal, as quickly; thus retaining its nutrients. This results in a state of fasting. Hence, research proves that it is more difficult for those people to lose weight, who skip breakfast.

There are many good reasons to eat breakfast, some of which are enlisted below:


  1. Eating breakfast enhances cognitive ability, learning, memory, attention, and verbal abilities.
  2. Breakfast helps in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.
  3. Breakfast may aid in reduced risk of diabetes.
  4. Breakfast prevents one from unhealthy cravings.
  5. Breakfast helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.
  6. It boosts the body’s metabolism.
  7. Breakfast helps in a happier and brighter mood.


There are plenty of ways you can enjoy a good and healthy breakfast. Here at Organic Jiyo, we provide a variety of breakfast options for a healthy, organic, and natural lifestyle. We have fresh free range desi eggs, an essential for every breakfast meal! Our natural cheese and wholewheat/multigrain breads are a healthy alternative to your daily white bread intake. For a quick munching when you’re running late for work or school, we have Cinnavanilla Granola Bars packed with nutrients and loaded with energy to fuel your day. Our wide range of seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, etc are a must for your breakfast options like smoothies, yogurt bowls, cereals, salads, etc. 

A famous English saying implies, ‘Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince, and dine like a pauper.’ If we really want to be the king of our life, we should start by having breakfast like one.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of your day. If your mom ever scolded you for not eating your breakfast, well, she was right! 


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