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All you need to know about Organic Milk!

Picture healthy, happy, fat cows munching and grazing away on thick, green grass on a quaint farm under the bright sun. Imagine farmers in cute denim overalls squeezing the cow’s udders and churning creamy milk for their customers to guzzle on. Then take this image and throw it in the bin along with any hopes of Santa Claus being real. This is because ALL the packaged milk available at your local store has been extracted from cows that have probably spent as much time eating grass as you have.


As shocking as this fact may be, it has been corroborated by research conducted by Newcastle University in the UK, where it was shown that normal store-bought milk is loaded with artificial chemicals, preservatives (in order to enhance shelf life), colors and dyes (in order to give it that perfect white color), pesticides, as well as hormones that were given to cows in order to increase their milk production. Another particularly horrifying fact (yes, it gets worse) is the fact that cows used to produce milk for popular brands suffer from a multitude of diseases of the feet, due to standing for long periods of time in their own waste and excrement. These cows are jam packed inside small cubicles, which leads to injury and stress for these cows, thereby negatively affecting the quality of their milk. These cows are often given hormones and steroids to produce ten times more milk than cows normally do, which causes them to have short lives as a result of illness and disease. Moreover, due to the large scale of production and demand of supply, the way the milk is extracted from these cows is extremely unhygienic and leads to the spreading of bacteria. Another horrifying factoid concerns the amount of antibiotics that are pumped into the cows, causing the consumers of their milk to develop anti-biotic resistant bacteria in their body, thereby opening the channel to a host of other bacteria-related diseases.


Shuddering? So are we. Hold on though, because here comes the good part!


Organic milk, on the other hand, is extracted from cows who are raised and fed the way nature intended them to. They are normally fed 60% naturally grown grass, and the remaining 40% of their fees is derived from maize, hay and silage. As a result, nutritionists claim that organic milk and cheese contains 40% lesser harmful saturated fats compared to conventional milk, but 20% more Omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, organic milk plays a vital role in reducing the chance of contracting heart disease, as well as stimulating healthy sight and brain development in children. Furthermore, research conducted by health experts in Amsterdam shows that children who consume 1 glass of organic milk daily are 40% less likely to suffer from eczema.


If you feel you need another scientific snippet to convince yourselves, then here you go. Studies show that people are increasingly consuming too little Omega-3 and too much of damages Omega-6 fat, which is causing problems such as Alzheimer’s, depression, cancer, cardiovascular disease etc. One brilliant way to fix lopsided ration is by regularly drinking organic milk because it increases the level of Omega-3 fat in your body, thereby protecting you from the abovementioned (and more) diseases.


Before signing off – we have to ask you one little question: Have you ever scratched your head at those tetra-packed milk boxes sitting in 40 degree Celsius temperatures in store aisles, for weeks on end, without going bad? Clearly, there is something extremely sinister going on, because the enzymes in milk, in its natural and organic condition, denature quickly in high temperatures which is why it has to be consumed whilst its fresh.


So the next time you spot a box of milk sitting innocently on the store shelf, think long and hard before you put it in your trolley. You’re actually doing more harm than good to your body, and your family’s, by consuming conventional milk instead of organic, pure milk.

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