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Himalayan Salt – A Miracle Worker

Let’s cut the small talk and get straight to main point (yes, it’s that important): table salt is a freak of nature, and is basically comprised of bleached particles that are stripped of their minerals. Grossed out? It gets worse. Most of the table salt that sits seemingly innocent on your dining table is tainted with pollutants. The same is the case with sea salts, which contain a lot of environmental toxins due to the increasing pollutants and waste being dumped into our oceans.


Himalayan salt has not been adulterated or tainted by toxins or pollutants, nor is it bleached or stripped from its minerals. This is why it contains almost 84 trace minerals because the process of mining it protects it from modern environmental pollutants. When the salt is mixed with water, it releases a unique ionic energy that is beneficial for your body’s pH levels and is not present in either table salt or sea salt.


Surprised? Here are a few more facts to blow those kurtas off:


  1. Salt is good for you: Well, Himalayan salt is. It helps boost our basal metabolic rates, which basically translates to how many calories our body burns when we are resting. This makes Himalayan salt to be a great aid for weight loss and detoxing your body from toxins, as well as balancing your hormones. This means that women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) will greatly benefit because it will help regularize their menstrual cycles and help them conceive, as well s reduce excessive facial hair growth and acne.


  1. Say bye bye to those allergies: Ask anybody who suffers from a blocked nose throughout the pollen season, and they’ll tell you what a nuisance it is. The solution lies with Himalayan salt, which works like an antimicrobial agent to prevent infections. The salt can be mixed with warm water and either slowly inhaled or drops of it can be poured directly into the nose. Doing this regularly will purify and cleanse any sinus infections and reduce or eliminate seasonal allergies. Moreover, studies have shown that those who replaced their table salt with Himalayan salt resulted in over half the asthmatic patients no longer needing their inhalers.


  1. Balance out that body: All fluids in our body contain sodium, which is why it is important to monitor not just how much salt we are consuming, but what kind as well. Himalayan salt has been conclusively proven to help enhance the mineral levels in our body, by increasing our body’s ability to absorb required minerals from other food items. It helps balance out our hormones as well as balances our systemic pH by detoxifying our bodies. When our mineral and hormone levels are balanced, we can sleep much more easily so it’s beneficial for people suffering from sleep apnea or any sleep disorders. Furthermore, Himalayan salt has proven to improve our hydration because it provides trace minerals. This increased absorption of minerals and hydration results in reduced muscle cramps, backaches and fibromyalgia. Lastly, Himalayan salt is also a miracle worker for balancing out our bloody pressure since it gives mineral-rich, unrefined salt in an ionic state.


  1. Drop those pounds: Did you know that many women suffer from obesity because of an inactive thyroid gland? This slows down their metabolic rates and results in more food being stored than burnt. Himalayan salt is a great product to add into your daily diet because it stimulates adrenal and thyroid gland functions. Its ability to balance out our hormones also aids weight loss because this helps improve our energy, and stops our body from storing carbohydrates around the abdominal region.


The benefits of Himalayan salt can take up a lot more space and time, but we feel that you get the picture by now. So enhance the quality of your life and your loved ones by replacing store-bought conventional table salt or sea salt, with Himalayan salt – because we all know that’s where the magic lies!


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