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The Not So Sweet Truth!

While being conscious about health and wellness, we usually tend to forget what we consider the ‘minor details’. In reality, these minor details are what can make or break our health. We watch what we eat, but usually forget, or in particular, pay no heed to what we drink. If we aren’t careful of what we drink, we can get loads and loads of calories in the form of the beverages we consume with our meals or as snacks. The major calories come in the form of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Sugar Sweetened beverages are the types of drinks which have some form of sugar added in them. Sugar may be present in some of them, naturally, for example fruit juices. Some beverages, on the other hand, have added sugar in them, in the form of corn syrup, sucrose or sweeteners. Drinks like energy drinks, sports drinks, and sodas are the  biggest contributors to this consumption of sugar.

Health and wellness experts are concerned about the negative effect these beverages are having on us. Since these drinks have no nutritional value, and a load of calories, they prove to be detrimental to our health. Measures should definitely be taken to reduce the consumption of these ‘deadly drinks’.

Sugar sweetened beverages have the following ill effects on consumers:

  • Prone to Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Gout
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Tooth Decay
  • Decreased Bone Health


So, what can we actually do to better our health in terms of beverage intake? Let us take some steps for a healthy body and hence an improved life! If we cannot cut our beverage intake, we should try our best to reduce its detrimental effects.


  1. Add lemon, lime or orange slices to carbonated drinks.
  2. Try to switch to fruit juices, instead of drinks, to boost the nutrition.
  3. Increase the daily consumption of water.
  4. Try low fat milk options.


Taking step by step actions, to reduce the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages will not only prevent us from developing diseases, but will also help maintain a fit and healthy body for the long run. This will definitely result in a sound health and a good, optimum life.


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