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Picture Perfect Skin

We all know what a struggle it can be to feel content with your skin, particularly when an angry pimple, or, ugh, a full on breakout – pops up. Adult acne, and other skin issues, can be a big bummer that leads us to ask, aren’t we supposed to be done with pimples post-puberty? It’s frustrating and confusing. It takes more than just face creams to get our skin glowing and healthy.

Luckily, there are a few things which we could do, to clear up our skin naturally. Pile these goodies on your plate, for a picture perfect skin!


  • Whole Grain Foods:


                Whole grain foods have low glycemic index. Foods with low glycemic index help keep the insulin steady, and prevent spiking of blood sugar levels. This results in clearer skin and reduced acne.


  • Fatty Fish like Salmon:


                   Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish and nuts like walnuts are anti-inflammatory in nature, which protects the skin from sun damage and stress.


  • Lean Meat:


              Lean meats and poultry, will result in a youthful glow of the skin. Lean meats and poultry have iron, zinc, and other minerals which keep the skin healthy and prevent wrinkles and dullness.


  • Green Leafy and Dark Orange Veggies:


                 Orange colour of vegetables is due to the presence of beta-carotene; a carotenoid that has antioxidative properties. Some other carotenoids present in these veggies, like lycopene and lutein, also protect the skin against sun damage and discoloration. Similarly, kale and spinach are a good source of beta-carotene as well.


  • Sunflower Seeds and Almonds:


                             Loaded with Vitamin E and antioxidants, sunflower seeds and almonds are a very good choice of consumption for skin health. Vitamin E and antioxidants work together, to protect the skin from Ultraviolet rays and pollution.


  • Citrus Fruits and Strawberries:


                                Citrus fruits and strawberries contain Vitamin C; an essential component for collagen production. Consuming these natural goodies result in a smooth and wrinkle-free skin.


  • Water:


         Lastly, the prime routine to follow is to drink plenty of water daily! Our skin cells mostly contain water, and if we remain dehydrated, the skin will look and feel parched and dry. Simply ward of dehydration by keeping yourself hydrated, eating juicy fruits and veggies, and drinking water and juices.


In conclusion, healthy eating is very important for a healthy skin. Try to avoid excessive spicy foods, excessive oily foods, sugary foods as well as drinks. Keep your diet simple and organic, and voila! You have picture perfect skin!

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