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Our Team

Anoshia Naseer

Founder & CEO

Organic Jiyo is inspired by our founder’s passion; to make this world a better, healthier place. Growing up in a country rich in agriculture, Anoshia felt inspired but also heartbroken at how hard it was to buy foods that are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, are non-GMO and without any additives. She was disappointed at the lack of availability and accessibility of local organic produce in grocery stores. During her time working for a tech start-up, she realised how technology can help bridge the gap between these amazing local organic growers and the consumers. This inspired her to build an online marketplace connecting producers of local organic products to their consumers.

Anoshia’s dream is to offer the best and widest range of local organic foods available, and her mission is to promote healthy living. By making organic products more accessible to encourage people to switch to a healthier lifestyle, she wants to make this transition easy for people all across Pakistan. She is an alumna of Cardiff University, UK, where she completed her undergraduate degree with honours in Business Management, focusing on Entrepreneurship.

Jawad Idrees

Co-Founder and CFO

Jawad is fascinated by the potential of the local organic market in Pakistan and is determined to help scale it up. Providing high quality, authentic organic products that are ethically sourced is essential to him. He has made it his mission to provide access to pure, reliable organic products in Pakistan. Jawad is constantly inspired to offer a wide range of natural and sustainable organic products that meet all international standards through Organic Jiyo, and is passionate about building a healthier world for future generations to thrive.

He has his expertise in the financial market, as well as real estate. His diverse experience includes working as an Investment Analyst at Next Capital (Listed Brokerage House in Pakistan) and an Associate Casualty Underwriter in American Insurance Group. He has the ideal skill set for assessing risk in investments and optimizing performance of a business. He is an alumnus of University of Kent, UK, and holds an undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science.

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We’re a passionate team of foodies with one aim, to make organic & healthy food more accessible. We’re always hunting for smart people who love working on new ideas and doing meaningful work.