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About Us

We believe a healthy lifestyle should be accessible to all.
For this reason, we dedicated our time and committed to building Organic Jiyo,
an easy to use online marketplace of organic products.

Organic Jiyo was founded to discover a simple solution to a real problem: Getting reliable organic products was too hard and too expensive for so many in Pakistan; these products were not readily available in grocery stores.

It became our mission to identify and research each producer and offering the best and widest range of organic products available in Pakistan. We believe many producers of organic products in Pakistan are doing a great job locally. However, they face the challenge of accessibility to their consumers.

At Organic Jiyo, we provide ease of accessibility. Here, you will find the best organic products from all over the Pakistan. Organic Jiyo’s marketplace is the premier source for a wide variety of organic products from leading and emerging producers.

We believe in supporting local organic producers and bringing them together on a single platform. Through Organic Jiyo, thier products get maximum visibility to the consumer and fills the existing gap between buyers and suppliers of organic products.

Organic Jiyo aims to aid the well-being of people across Pakistan. We wish to promote healthy living in our community and ensure that people get complete nutrition and flavor by eating what’s best for them. Above all else, we value quality, and aim to offer the best service to our customers.