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One For All – All For One


We have discussed quite a few tips so far in an effort to encourage you to opt for the organic lifestyle. While Organic Jiyo team has made a combined effort to elaborate on the importance and effectiveness of this endeavour for the user, we would like to discuss the importance of individual contribution.


To start with, we believe it should give you a great deal of comfort in the fact that simply opting this lifestyle is a contribution! This is how;


The environmental impact of agriculture is largely dependent on the agricultural methods practiced by the farmers. Over the years, farming practices have changed based on the large demand as well as other economic factors. The ultimate goal in farming has been a large yield and what we call today, intensive farming. This commercial practice is based on a large input per unit land which in case of crops would include the use of excessive fertilizers, pesticides as well as growth regulators. In the case of animal husbandry, rearing animals on limited land, using procedures that bring feed to the animals are some common practices.


These are some broader examples. Ongoing innovation in intensive farming for larger yields has now been proven detrimental to health over the years. Organic Jiyo has a moto that serves to create awareness regarding these health concerns, we would additionally, like for you to ponder upon the impacts of commercial farming on the environment.


One for all – all for one refers to the idea of our dependency on our environment. Sustainability is important for the survival of farming practices, and therefore us. The rise of intensive farming has rendered our land barren. Other environmental impacts include soil losing its structure, leading to larger environmental issues such as erosion of the soil and desertification.


These facts are known to most of us though it does not always lead to looking at the larger picture.


There is often a common cost concern that relates to organic produce. Our users are thus the most important part in making this venture successful. By changing the way you eat, you are not only investing in your health but are insuring a sustainable environment.


While you make a lifestyle change for yourself, you are becoming a part of the Organic Jiyo team in expanding this enterprise to make organic produce more accessible. Environmental issues are becoming a large concern world over. Lifestyle practices that benefit you as an individual and make a contribution to the environment are the very essence of Organic Jiyo. Issues like deforestation, climate change, irrigation problems, genetic engineering, soil degradation, pollutants and waste are all a result of commercial farming and can be reduced by this reversion to an organic lifestyle.


We believe the title; One for all – All for one, now makes more sense in our context. The connection between each one of us, through our environment on towards other fellow beings is an important one. Organic Jiyo truly, brings it all together!

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