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4 Ways For Mindful Eating; All You Need To Start With

spoonOrganic Jiyo is not just about organic produce but a complete lifestyle change. In this venture, I have decided to share useful tips to assist you as we all undergo this change. A healthy lifestyle has many aspects; a gradual change would go a long way and is easier to manage as I have recently experienced. I am here to take all on board this journey to a healthful living.

A lifestyle change requires what we call the practice of mindful eating; for a healthy diet as well as to lose weight. To start with, eating mindfully is not just a remedy. Mindful eating should be taken as a routine practice since prevention is always better than cure. Eating mindfully can be understood as a good relationship with food. Here, I will remind you of four simple rules that you might already know but identifying these habits in your daily life are key to improving your eating practice.

The countdown is as follows:

4… Eat Slowly
For a number of different reasons, people are in the habit of eating fast. Some are naturally fast eaters and claim to enjoy food more that way while others are usually in a rush to finish eating so that they can carry on with their work. Slow eating has the simple fact associated with it; it takes approximately twenty minutes or so, from the time you start eating, for the brain to send out signals of fullness. Eating slow primarily allows you to discontinue when you are actually full, stopping you from taking in extra calories from unnecessary amounts of food. Beyond that, it helps to avoid bowel and digestive problems that are related with fast eating.

3… No Multitasking
A common complaint from mothers of young children is regarding their own mealtimes; they are unable to enjoy food. I am talking beyond this kind of multitasking. Yes! Watching TV, talking on the phone and even reading, count as some activities that divert your attention from food. Making an exception for mealtimes is a must in healthy, mindful eating. You can make an exception of snacking while watching a movie or some activity occasionally as long as you are fully mindful as a rule with a few exceptions.

2… Sit Down
If you are following the first two, this is an easy one. Spending up to twenty minutes with your food without any distractions would be a bit tiring while standing up, and let’s be honest, would make you look a little foolish! While taking a break for a meal gives you a great excuse to relax your mind and fill up your stomach, it allows you to get into the habit of mindful eating for better physical health at the same time. Eating while sitting down is again related to the perception of fullness; sitting down allows you to feel fuller sooner than while you eat standing up.

1… Eat Together
Community eating has long been a tradition and has many benefits beyond mindful eating. If there’s one activity you want to have while eating, it’s the company of your family or friends. You might be thinking how this helps in mindful eating; well it basically makes you follow the previous three rules! It is often difficult to take time out for joint meals with the fast pace and varying timetables of people within a household. Eating together allows you to spend time with each other and ultimately aligns your food timing which is a mindful eating practice!

Savour your meals and follow the rules; they maybe tedious at the beginning but the benefits they bring will undoubtedly change how you feel about them. Be assured, just four rules of mindful eating to supplement your organic lifestyle!


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