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3 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated This Summer


The summer is in full swing and most of you could have used some tips earlier on, I believe it is never too late to take up some healthy habits. In my search for easy and doable health practices, I came across this excellent formula for keeping the body hydrated up to its optimum level.

At an average, the human body is 60% water. So it is no doubt a decrease in this percentage makes the body prone to different health risks. These include lethargy, clumsiness, dizziness, confusion as well as an increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and more serious issues like blackouts and heat stroke.

Metabolism is very closely related to water intake and those looking to maintain or lose weight should be very mindful of keeping the body hydrated. Dehydration drastically causes a drop in the metabolic rate. While detox drinks form a large proportion of healthy recipes across the social media, simply drinking water is the most essential in flushing toxins from the body which keeps our vital organs healthy, skin hydrated and joints cushioned.

I recently came across an interesting fact that the same part of the human brain is responsible for interpreting thirst and hunger. This means that the body can misdiagnose thirst for hunger; the result is evident. Grabbing snacks when all you need is a glass full of water is a recipe for disaster.

The following is a countdown to a more tolerable summer:

3… Pure Water
The upsurge of commercial activity claiming flavoured water should be avoided at all costs. Avoid such beverages because let’s face it, they have calories. I am on your side in this; it is easy to say than actually drink a lot of water. Yes, it gets boring. Make it interesting. Let us go back to the recipes I mentioned earlier. Pick your favourite flavour and add it to your water. Adding lemon, cucumbers or strawberries are easy ways to make drinking water much easier.

2… Water Before A Meal
While I have seen this being practiced at home as my father has a habit of drinking a glass of water before every meal, studies have provided considerable evidence on the weight loss potential of this practice by cutting down the calories taken in each meal. At an average, the body needs 3 litres of water which amounts to 13 cups equivalent to the eight glasses a day figure you may just have heard. Three meals mean three glasses of water. It is likely you will take some healthy snacks in between meals and there go two more glasses. You’re left with three more glasses which are easy to fit in the rest of the day!

1… Vegetables And Fruits
Organic Jiyo provides you with an excellent opportunity to consume fresh organic fruits and vegetables. You can, therefore, add a little substance to your hydration as vegetables and fruits are composed primarily of water. While we have a custom of cooked vegetables, a mindful practice of including raw vegetables apart from fruits in your snacks can really up the hydration game.

It is possible to be happy during the harsh summers. While the temperature continues to break your sweat, say hello to hydration so the body will be prepared to take on the challenge and defeat the heat!

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