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0321-ORGANIC (6742642)

May 2017

Picture healthy, happy, fat cows munching and grazing away on thick, green grass on a quaint farm under the bright sun. Imagine farmers in cute denim overalls squeezing the cow’s udders and churning creamy milk for their customers to guzzle on. Then take this image and throw it in the bin along with any hopes of Santa Claus being real. This is because ALL the packaged milk available at your local store has been extracted from cows that have probably spent as much time eating grass as you have.   As shocking as this fact may be, it has been corroborated by research conducted by Newcastle University in the UK, where it was shown that normal store-bought milk is loaded with artificial chemicals, preservatives (in order to enhance shelf life), colors and dyes (in order to give it that perfect white color),

If you’re like us and simply can’t resist that yellow ladoo, peaking out from amongst the gulaab jamans and barfis, but keep fretting about the extra calories and cholesterol – then fret no more! Take that extra bite (or two, we won’t tell) because it is a scientifically proven fact that desi ghee and mustard oil are far better for consumption than other traditional oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil etc.   As much as we love our coconut oil, it is crucial to understand the importance of making the switch to traditional ghee (and by traditional, we aren’t referring to the one commercially available in markets) and mustard oil. Most of the ghee and mustard oil being sold in markets these days is heated milk fat and hydrogenated vegetable oil. What this means, for you and I, is that it’s