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0321-ORGANIC (6742642)

February 2017

Let’s cut the small talk and get straight to main point (yes, it’s that important): table salt is a freak of nature, and is basically comprised of bleached particles that are stripped of their minerals. Grossed out? It gets worse. Most of the table salt that sits seemingly innocent on your dining table is tainted with pollutants. The same is the case with sea salts, which contain a lot of environmental toxins due to the increasing pollutants and waste being dumped into our oceans.   Himalayan salt has not been adulterated or tainted by toxins or pollutants, nor is it bleached or stripped from its minerals. This is why it contains almost 84 trace minerals because the process of mining it protects it from modern environmental pollutants. When the salt is mixed with water, it releases a unique ionic energy that is