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0321-ORGANIC (6742642)

September 2016

Qadoo ki bhujia, tori ji bhujia, aloo ki bhujia, louki ki bhujia – the list is never ending! A typical Pakistani household gets its fair share of bhujias throughout the week, and the very name sends kids running in the other direction. Though the typical bhujia is a quintessential Pakistani dish, we believe that it’s time to shake things up a bit. Pakistan is blessed with one of the most assorted varieties of vegetables, especially during the summers. However, we end up losing a lot of the vegetable’s flavor and nutrients by cooking it to a pulp, such as in a bhujia, and masking its flavor with an endless barrage of spices. Instead, why not try out different recipes that keep the vegetable in tact and retain their nutrients and vitamins? Keep reading our blogs for different ways to cook Pakistani