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2 Food Groups For THE Vitamin

Looking into organic produce and mindful eating habits for a healthy lifestyle means you need all the information you can get on the nutrient value of the foods you eat. As Organic Jiyo aims to accompany you on this journey, I will share some useful material in a way that would be most beneficial for you.

Let’s first look at THE vitamin; Vitamin C. Known to be a nutrition and health powerhouse, vitamin C is responsible for boosting the immune system, preventing unpleasant symptoms like weakness, fatigue, joint and muscle aches, bleeding gums as well as anemia.

Looking and feeling fresh are all expected results of a healthy lifestyle achieved from conscious eating habits. Vitamin C is largely responsible for this result. Vitamin C can be obtained from both fruits and vegetables. It is best to locate where the two food groups can be added in your daily meals.


The countdown is short but as follows:


2… Fruits

Let’s start with breakfast since that is where your day starts. Fruits are the most conventional source of vitamin C included in a breakfast meal. While grapefruit or some orange slices look real fancy on your breakfast plate, they are also a rich source of vitamin C; Yes! You still need to sit down, focus on your meal and take time eating your breakfast. Moving on to lunch, you do not have to eat fruit per say, but you can always add a squeeze of lemon. A rich source of vitamin C, lemon juice is an antioxidant and a great alternative to your weight loss or maintenance regime in replacing calorie rich salad dressings.

Snacks are extremely essential even for healthy diet plans. As long you take the right kind of foods. Deliciously fresh organic fruits like strawberries and kiwi are great alternates to processed sugars; doing away with hunger pangs while providing vitamin C.


1… Vegetables

Where your lunch can be a combination of both vegetables; salad, and fruits as a replacement for condiments in the form of homemade salad dressings, your dinner must also contain a significant proportion of vegetables. If that is the case, you are on your track not only to a healthy diet but meals that load you with the right amounts of Vitamin C.

People contending with unhealthy habits of smoking or suffering from obesity should be especially mindful of their vitamin C intake. These conditions cause the depletion of Vitamin C and the at least the minimum amounts of daily recommended should be included in the diet.

Vitamin C has come really early in our discussion here as most sources such as fresh vegetables as well as lemons can easily be included in the diet in the hot summer months. These sources simultaneously provide detox remedies and are a great source of hydration.


While most vitamin C rich fruits; citrus, are readily available in winters, summers have their own way to compensate. Enrich your meals with sources of vitamin C, do not live like a pirate, vitamin C deficiency is not an occupational hazard for you!

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