SGH was founded in February 2014 by Saba Gul Hasan, a dietitian by profession holding a M.phil degree in the field of Food Sciences and Human Nutrition. Their team is passionate about chemical free food, constantly experimenting & producing healthy substitutes to commercial brands and are strong advocates of GMO free, natural food. Bringing Pakistanis back to basics with their raw and natural Granola, Peanut Butter & Moringa tea, their products are free from preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and hydrogenated oils.

Practicing organic growing themselves, their in-house artisan agriculturalist adopts the best methods to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of medicinal herbs which are later used in various teas provided to their clients and customers. They pride themselves in supporting local farmers and source the best ingredients from Hunza and Skardu for their Cinnavanilla Granola. Honey is the main ingredient in all their products, giving customers the satisfaction of consuming a high nutrient food product with the added benefit of getting the best micronutrients naturally.

SGH also provides its customers with an array of expert services and professional solutions regarding health and nutrition. With their online and in person consultations, training programs and medical therapies they aim to change habits rather than provide their clients with short terms solutions to health goals.