Ethnic Edible Oils 

Ethnic Edible Oils produces premium quality, organic cold-pressed and natural oils. These oils are used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal nutrition, flavors, fragrances, and agriculture sectors.  Their facility and processes have been certified by the Control Union of the Netherlands according to EU and USDA standards, assuring the best possible product and service quality.

The Cold-pressed Oil Extraction Technology employed by Ethnic is far superior to the conventional Solvent Extraction Technology. The oil cleaning process is carried out while maintaining a temperature well below 50 degrees Celsius at all times. Moreover, no chemicals are used at any stage during the process, and essential fatty acids – Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 – are transferred to the oil directly and naturally. In addition, Cold-pressed oil contains Vitamin A, D, E and K and have very strong anti-oxidant effects.
All these measures result in a final product that retains as much of its nutritional qualities as possible, making it the healthiest choice for you.