Chia Bia started when Barrie discovered the power of chia seeds when he suffered a back injury while on holiday in America. The seeds were recommended to him as they were known for their anti-inflammatory properties and Barrie experienced first-hand the health benefits of chia.

On coming home to Ireland and hearing the great reports people were sharing after using chia seeds, Barrie went in search of the best way to bring chia to Europe so that more people could gain from its health benefits. This is when Chia Bia was co-founded by Barrie Rogers and Ray Owens.

Based in the South East of Ireland, Chia Bia is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of chia seeds, selling in over 2000 outlets worldwide. Our vision is to consistently deliver high quality products that offer consumers a healthier choice. We are committed to the quality of our chia seeds. We only work with chia suppliers who have a direct relationship with their growers. Further to this, we nutritionally analyse each batch of seeds to ensure they meet our strict nutritional criteria.

Our dynamic and expert team are dedicated to creating products that make it easier for you to make healthy food choices. We love sharing chia inspired recipes, healthy living tips and any other fun & interesting news.

Our growing product range includes Whole Chia Seed, Milled Chia Seed, Milled Fruit Mixes, Chia Sachets & Chia Bars. We are committed to growing the chia seed market and that’s why you will always find chia seeds in any Chia Bia product!