Bio Hunza proudly identifies itself as one of the best organic food retailers in the country, creating a society for organic cultivation, binding with groups of small and large farmers, suppliers and traders. They’re passionate about the wonderful tastes, gorgeous aromas and beautiful colours of organic foods. They provide organic spices, herbs, nuts, teas and extracts to complement all those to whom their health matters.

In 1980, their founder first started addressing markets all around the nation through a firm named Sarhad Traders. Sarhad Traders is still addressing national market and is determined to facilitate small farmers in reaching the markets. To access the global market, they established Hunza Organics in 1998 and were certified by the Control Union in 2002. Hunza Organic is now a success story, satisfying the demands of its consumers worldwide with the widest range of certified organic products.

Due to the local consumers’ demand and the rising awareness of organic food, they now facilitate the local market to bring healthy food to consumers through Bio Hunza. Their aim is to provide the purest form of food to valued consumers through its certified organic farms. They lay emphasis on soil renewing resources like organic compost and FYM manure, which contributes to soil and water conservation to enhance environmental qualities for the coming generations. They follow strict quality control measures, from their farms, to the market, to ensure 100% natural, organic and GMO-free products. The products are metal detected and tested by PCSIR and other European laboratories for random pesticide analysis.