Meet Our Producers

Bio Hunza

Bio Hunza

Bio Hunza proudly identifies itself as one of the best organic food retailers in the country, creating a society for organic cultivation, binding with groups of small and large farmers, suppliers and traders. They’re passionate about the wonderful tastes, gorgeous aromas and beautiful colours of organic foods. They provide organic spices, herbs, nuts, teas and extracts to complement all those to whom their health matters.

In 1980, their founder first started addressing markets all around the nation through a firm named Sarhad Traders. Sarhad Traders is still addressing national market and is determined to facilitate small farmers in reaching the markets. To access the global market, they established Hunza Organics in 1998 and were certified by the Control Union in 2002. Hunza Organic is now a success story, satisfying the demands of its consumers worldwide with the widest range of certified organic products.

Due to the local consumers’ demand and the rising awareness of organic food, they now facilitate the local market to bring healthy food to consumers through Bio Hunza. Their aim is to provide the purest form of food to valued consumers through its certified organic farms. They lay emphasis on soil renewing resources like organic compost and FYM manure, which contributes to soil and water conservation to enhance environmental qualities for the coming generations. They follow strict quality control measures, from their farms, to the market, to ensure 100% natural, organic and GMO-free products. The products are metal detected and tested by PCSIR and other European laboratories for random pesticide analysis.



Conatural is committed to providing you the highest quality and purest solutions found in nature for luxurious and affordable skin and hair care. Conatural harvests the power of nature by combining certified organic carrier oils, with a multitude of natural phytonutrients and antioxidants, and rare plant botanicals and organic essential oils that are literally pure gifts of nature. The result? Healthy products that protect, nourish and enrich the skin.

Their products are as close to natural, organic where possible and will always be FREE from toxic chemicals such as Parabens, Triclosans, Artificial Musks, Phthalates, SLS, PPD, Petroleum Jelly, and Silicones.

Their product formulas are a mix of exotic essences, Ayurvedic and modern aromatherapy. Their ingredients are vegetarian, non-toxic, gentle, safe, and never tested on animals.

They believe in providing the finest, natural and organic ingredients for your daily skin and hair care regime. The best skin and hair care products are made from minimally processed botanicals: organic or responsibly wildcrafted, pure, raw, live, unrefined, and handled carefully not to diminish their potency.

Their mission is to change the way women and men buy skin and hair care products forever. We want to help eliminate people’s exposure to toxic chemicals in cosmetics and help educate them on the benefits of natural and organic ingredients.


Daali EarthFoods

Daali Earthfoods

Daali Earthfoods brings you the best of locally grown, traditionally processed foods. Grains, fruits, vegetables, as well as dairy and poultry products, exist in an optimal nutritional balance in nature. The more they are processed and refined, the further they get from their original state and lose essential nutritional value. Daali consciously incorporates the principles of healthy eating from the region’s traditions, and uses only locally-grown produce, steering away from imported “exotic” plants and seed.

Daali ensures that whichever part of the plant is used, its properties remain intact – with nothing added or removed from it. Hence daali aata, daali porridge and all daali spices are guaranteed whole grain, their oil is 100% pressed seed, and their jams are whole fruit, with only the inedible pit removed. Their products are minimally processed and are rich in dietary fibre, which reduces the risk of colon cancer.

In keeping with their commitment and respect for traditional methods of production, they only use an animal-driven kohlu (oil-press) for producing desi sarson cooking oil and hair & body massage oil. All aata, porridge and spices at daali are ground on their own natural stone mills at minimal speeds, ensuring none of their milled items are exposed to high heat at any time.

Ethnic Edible Oils

Ethnic Edible Oils 

Ethnic Edible Oils produces premium quality, organic cold-pressed and natural oils. These oils are used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, animal nutrition, flavors, fragrances, and agriculture sectors.  Their facility and processes have been certified by the Control Union of the Netherlands according to EU and USDA standards, assuring the best possible product and service quality.

The Cold-pressed Oil Extraction Technology employed by Ethnic is far superior to the conventional Solvent Extraction Technology. The oil cleaning process is carried out while maintaining a temperature well below 50 degrees Celsius at all times. Moreover, no chemicals are used at any stage during the process, and essential fatty acids – Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 – are transferred to the oil directly and naturally. In addition, Cold-pressed oil contains Vitamin A, D, E and K and have very strong anti-oxidant effects.
All these measures result in a final product that retains as much of its nutritional qualities as possible, making it the healthiest choice for you.

Farmer's Cheese

For the first time in Pakistan, Farmer’s Cheese Making is producing artisan cheeses that originate from all over the world. It begins with their selection of milk, and moves forward by selecting the right cultures, timing, temperatures and pH values to produce over 30 different varieties of cheese.

Farmer’s Cheese Making is focused on not only being the biggest producer of cheese in Pakistan, but also the best. At their facility, extreme hygienic measures are taken to make no compromises on the quality of their product. The cheese is monitored at regular intervals, and no preservatives are used to extend shelf life. They provide a healthier alternative to mainstream cheese brands in the market.

Nadoz Greenz

Nadoz Greenz

Nadoz Greenz produces a wide selection of organic herbs, salads and vegetables using sustainable farming practices – including the use of imported seeds, efficient water management, no use of fertilizers & preservatives etc.
The Nadoz Greenz organic farm is located at Bedian, 15 km from Cantt Lahore. The quality-assurance measures and environment maintained at the farm are perfect for achieving 100% organic yield, free of GMO, harmful pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Their farmers take special care to select and grow specific herbs with exceptional quality as the prime focus. With their commitment to quality and eco-friendly, state-of-the-art farming practices, the consumer always gets the best produce.

Changing lifestyles, high fat and carbohydrate related food intake, withdrawal from natural environment and lack of a healthy routine led to the concept of Nadoz Greenz. The aim was to go decades back and provide for this generation a healthy, chemical-free, diet to the people of Pakistan. Nadoz Greenz was started by Hamna Ghauri, in 2011, after having conducted extensive research. When she started out, she wanted to build a brand with an aim to provide natural, nutritious food; food grown without synthetic & potentially harmful pesticides, herbicides & fertilizers. She started growing organic greens on a small piece of land located in Lahore, as she firmly believed that a new sustainable approach to agriculture could allow for the revival of rural communities in the country.

Food items produced by Nadoz Greenz have come to be associated with quality, exceeding most international standards. After firmly establishing itself within the household consumer segment, it is now rapidly penetrating into the commercial segment, where top hotels and restaurants are becoming its loyal customers.


Roshni Association

Roshni Association was founded in 2001 by Shahida Perveen, Pakistani, and her husband Hamid Hannesen, German. The aim was to combine the meeting of the Orient and the Occident with an appropriate perspective of people with disabilities and special needs. Roshni Association is currently running two projects, Roshni Village and Green Earth Roshni School, to support the neglected areas of care for special persons and education to village children, respectively, in our society.
Roshni Organic Bakery: The bakery offers various types of whole grain bread and pastries. It uses organic raw material and avoids the use of chemical additives and artificial flavors. The whole process of baking, starting from milling the grain into flour, to freshly baked bread, is done entirely with the involvement of special persons. They help the workshop in-charge in measuring the ingredients according to the recipes, oil the moulds, clean and grind dry fruit, cut breads and pack them etc. This experience is an important part of their overall learning process.





SGH was founded in February 2014 by Saba Gul Hasan, a dietitian by profession holding a M.phil degree in the field of Food Sciences and Human Nutrition. Their team is passionate about chemical free food, constantly experimenting & producing healthy substitutes to commercial brands and are strong advocates of GMO free, natural food. Bringing Pakistanis back to basics with their raw and natural Granola, Peanut Butter & Moringa tea, their products are free from preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners, emulsifiers and hydrogenated oils.

Practicing organic growing themselves, their in-house artisan agriculturalist adopts the best methods to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of medicinal herbs which are later used in various teas provided to their clients and customers. They pride themselves in supporting local farmers and source the best ingredients from Hunza and Skardu for their Cinnavanilla Granola. Honey is the main ingredient in all their products, giving customers the satisfaction of consuming a high nutrient food product with the added benefit of getting the best micronutrients naturally.

SGH also provides its customers with an array of expert services and professional solutions regarding health and nutrition. With their online and in person consultations, training programs and medical therapies they aim to change habits rather than provide their clients with short terms solutions to health goals.


Shauk Organic

Shauk Organic is an organic garden in Lahore, introducing the herb ‘wheat grass’. Wheat grass has more Vitamin C than Oranges, and twice the Vitamin A as Carrots. It contains over 90 minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Simply The Great 

Our mission is to extract the purest, most delicious, raw honey from Pakistan and other countries around the world. We’re dedicated to everything raw honey – from exquisite single-origin, mono-floral honey as well as other finest products such as organic coffee.

Our flagship product is Organic Sidr, the mono-floral honey which comes from the bees that feed exclusively on the nectar of the wild Sidr tree. This ancient tree grows uncultivated in the remote mountains that climb up from the Karak Valley and the surrounding areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan’s tribal areas. The reason we travel this far each year is because this area hosts the world’s oldest and largest Sidr Tree Forest. The quality of this Sidr Honey is so good that it has been rated the “best in the world” by honey connoisseurs at FoodEx 2016 held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

We also export our Sidr Honey to selected premium luxury stores in Gulf countries.

Simply the great food understands the precious rarity of truly raw, pure honey. Our quality control is stringent to ensure our trusted customers are receive the genuine product. Our supply chains are very short as we deal directly with small beekeepers. We work closely with these artisans to protect their livelihoods, their traditional way of life and the sustainability of their work. All Simply the great food’s honey is raw, straight from the hive with no heat-treatment or micro-filters which would rob it of the potent health promoting enzymes. None of our farmers or beekeepers feed sugar solution or supplements to their bees either. We are totally dedicated to extracting the purest most natural honey there is. This attention to detail extends to every aspect of the process, such as glass bottling, packaging and labelling.